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the first presidential debate is over. who did viewers think was the big winner? speaking of winners, mark. >> a live look at the coliseum, the oakland athletics are the champs, doing something that has never been done in major league baseball history, more on the big win coming up. >> the weather is different than
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first george with the hot spot. >> a number of hot spots now. starting first with the east bay. oni 580, westbound direction, an accident first in livermore and then in dublin has really backed up the ride but we've seen the slight downtic in the drive time from 48 to 45 minutes. and new problems for the nimitz freeway southbound of oakland san diego into hayward, in addition to the accident at 92 interchange there is another crash, where all traffic had to be stopped for a while. in the south bay we continue to be jammed on the 101 northbound, earlier occurring accident at julien gone. a continuing crash at great america parkway northbound that has the great america parkway off-ramp shut down and likely will be for some time longer. traffic is jammed on 101 heading out of the coyote valley and north into santa clara. it is a gray start to the morning. check out the overcast
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conditions. as we look live at downtown san francisco. chilly out there, temperatures sitting in the 50s. later this afternoon we'll be lucky if we see any low 80s whatsoever. in fact our warmest spot, expected to be in the upper 70s. a cooling trend on the horizon, wet weather in the forecast, details coming up in my next report. decision 2012 now. let's talk politics. the first presidential debate is now officially in the history books. it was at times contentious but not overly hostile. president obama and mitt romney traded jabs here and there mostly about how to bring jobs back to america and other domestic issues as well. take a listen. >> i like the fact that in my state we had republicans and democrats come together and work together. what you did instead was to push through a plan without a single republican vote. >> over the last two years health care premiums have gone up. it's true, but they've gone up slower than any time in the last 50 years. >> i put forward a specific $4
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trillion deficit reduction plan. >> my number one principle is there will be no tax cut that adds to the deficit. >> it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loop loopholes that only effect high income individuals to either avoid raising the deficit or burdennening the middle class. it's math. >> according to a nationwide poll last night 2/3 of people who watched the debate think romney won the showdown. the vice presidential candidates are scheduled to square off next week in kentucky. the oakland athletics with one of the most amazing wins in franchise history after rallying from a 5-1 deficit. they beat texas 12-5 sweeping the series in front of a sold-out crowd. and they win the degrees -- division on the last game of the season. they are now the only team in major league baseball history to come back from five games down with fewer than 10 games to play.
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one of our solo reporters is at the coliseum. jackie with more. >> reporter: do you think they would do it any other way? 13 games back on june 30th. four runs down yesterday in the fourth and they came back both times to win the american league west. the most improperly story in baseball. unbelievable what they accomplished this year. they won six in a row. at the end of the season as you said, they came from five games back with nine to play. swept the texas rangers yesterday. twice the payroll they do to win the american league west. that means that they are going to detroit to start the playoff series on saturday. now yesterday here it was frenetic and the fans were going crazy. we had a chance to talk to some of them after the game. they were ready to go with their amazing a's. >> i've been waiting all my life for something like that. watching the a s back in 2000, i was never at the game,
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but this time i was at the game. seeing the celebration the last three days, remarkable. >> they are going all the way. >> i'm experiencing history right now so i'm excited. >> i didn't really believe in the as, i had to be a part of it today. they've been making magic happen all year. >> reporter: it took to the last game in the season but finally the playoff pitcher is in place and we have a look at what you can expect from the oakland as starting on saturday. they go to detroit today, will practice friday, first game is saturday. 3:00. then they play again sunday. then they come back home to start the series here at home on tuesday. wednesday and thursday if needed, mark. it's not just green and gold fever. for the first time since 2003
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the giants and the as are both in the playoffs. it's good to see both teams playing in october. >> thank you. incredibly the giants and as finish with the same record, 94 wins and 68 losses on the season. as for the giants buster posey becomes the first giant since barry bonds in 2004 to win the national league batting title. the giants with their playoff run at home this saturday at at&t park. the game on sunday, still awaiting for times to be determined by major league baseball. they have to compete with the nfl on sunday. then that game on tuesday in cincinnati and then a game if necessary on wednesday. in cincinnati. so we'll follow the latest with the athletics and giants. in addition to sports, fleet week in the bay area the blue angels will be practicing this afternoon over the bay. if you look up you'll see them. let's turn to our solo reporter live along the embarcadero
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talking about some of the action and what is going on. hi, yoli. >> it kicks off today. and it's here at pier 30, 32 with the u.s. macon island carrier. they are starting it off with the two-day seminar on disaster response andheim attorney relief -- humanitarian relief. you have the mayor of san francisco coming down to give opening remarks to the seminar. then we go later on in the day with the practicing of the blue angels. so you are going to see them around 1:00. that is when you can start looking in the air and they will do a couple of passes. around 3:00 they will start doing some practice maneuvers as well. let's show you video of them from last year. this is what is going to be a very busy weekend. of course they will be doing a show on friday, saturday and sunday. aside from the blue angels, the headliners, you also have a bunch of other aircraft that are going to be doing a show. that starts earlier in the day. so really all the shows start
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at 12:30, starting saturday for the next three days. then on top of all the air shows you have the parades of ships. other military ships will come in under the golden gate bridge, parked by pier 80. people can go on the ships for free, to view them, and that is going to be available to the public all weekend long, saturday, sunday and monday. so very busy here in the city this weekend. >> interesting. the ships will be parked. the parking for people will be tough. so they are recommending you take public transit or day home and watch the blue angels live special at home. that is saturday, october 6th at 3:00. we're going to take a break. 7:08. let's look live from our golden gate bridge camera. beautiful shot there as we see the two towers, cloud cover up above. otherwise a pretty nice start this morning.
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watching a sharp rise for the dow, up 97 now. despite weak factory orders coming in a few moments ago. weak september retail sales and weak unemployment numbers. the dow up 97. watching the drop for hewlett-packard, down 3% after being down nearly 13% yesterday on the comments from the ceo as she tries to turn that company
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erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation. governor romney is a skilled debater and last night he was able to elevate his level of performance but didn't change the fundamental tine mix of the -- dynamics of the race nor did he change some of the policies that got us into the economic
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mess we had. he embraced when the president pressed him that he wants to turn medicare into a voucher program. >> i was surprised at how well mit did and i think it was very important because he came across as the person he really is, as opposed to how he's been portrayed by hundreds of millions of dollars of attack ads and i was surprised at the president's poor performance. >> there are signs this morning the race is tightening. in some of the battleground states where president obama had enjoyed an advantage. today republican mitt romney and running mate paul ryan are off to virginia as the president campaigns in colorado and wisconsin. let's turn it over to george in the traffic department. he has been following numerous hot spots. >> that's right. it's turned into a very odd morning because we're tracking problems in the east and south bay. let's start with the ride from the altamont pass after the dublin interchange. we saw the drive time drop from 48 to 45 minutes. i think we're going to see it start to climb again as we move
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closer to the peak of the community here. so that is a real rough commute. so is the ride out of oakland south into sa ly-and-row and continuing farther south into hayward, that is taking pressure off the nimitz freeway from fremont to millipedeas but we have two separate accidents. one at 92. look at the south bay drive time, 48 minutes, it's going to continue to climb out of the coyote valley heading north up towards santa clara. earlier accident at julien. a crash still being dealt with at great america parkway. look at the camera in san jose. you'll see that virtually all the lanes here heading north from the guadeloupe parkway to great america parkway are just jammed. it's like this from the 280/101 interchange. at the bay bridge the westbound ride backed up right to the macarthur maze. and even the approach now from the nimitz freeway is up to 20 minutes.
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that's the backup and the drive time across the upper deck to carry you to downtown san francisco. let's go to the weather center now with erica. >> good morning. it's cloudy over at the bay bridge. same story here as we look live at the golden gate bridge. that fog being certainly back in the forecast and we're seeing it impact most of the bay area. we have delays on arriving flights. at sfo, delays average 53 minutes. no word if it will be impacting departing flights as well. something to watch. satellite and radar does show cloud cover is streaming into the bay area. it's because of a low we are tracking well off of our coast. with that it's ushering in a lot of morning fog, it will hang on into the afternoon for the coastline. and as that low continues to approach the bay area we do have the potential for some sprinkles. i'll get to that in the extended forecast coming up in a minute.
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focusing our attention on current conditions, upper 50s in fairfield. downtown san francisco 61. redwood city 61. much cooler conditions on tap. we've lost about 10 degrees for some of the inland areas. so temperatures are nosediving. we're talking 60s for east big sur and coast. concord and san jose could climb into the 70s by 12:00. as we push into the afternoon highs for the most part continuing with 60s and 70s. we have orange on the screen. certainly a possibility for places like livermore, the delta, looks like we could pick up an 80-degree reading for brentwood as we head into the afternoon. so again expect cooler weather, sweater weather now. maybe a shirt as we head into the afternoon for the south bay. 73 on tap for mountainview. 80 los gatos. pretty mild conditions, sunny in livermore, 79. and 68 in san leandro.
7:19 am
comfortable conditions will persist for east bay shoreline, mid to upper 60s. 63 in downtown san francisco. remember yesterday we were in the 70s. clear skies, low 60s for ocean beach and 62da daily city. so yes, a cooling trend is on the horizon, looks like a 20% chance of showers that low will probably hit the bay area monday heading into tuesday. so that is something we'll certainly monitor. if we see any moisture it won't be widespread, it will be spotty at best. looks like we will try up by wednesday and looks like temperatures will be a little bit warmer. in some of the local headlines -- the family of a high school student killed by oakland police is getting their first look now at the police report that outlines what happened. allen blue further was shot and killed by officers in may. police say the 18-year-old pointed a gun at them, forcing them to open fire. however the family's civil rights attorney says the police report does raise some serious questions for him about the
7:20 am
shooting. >> it's pretty clear given the physical evidence that no shots were fired by mr. bloomford, no gunshot residue and no evidence of the gun near him had been fired. so whoever made that statement was clearly wrong. >> oakland police chief howard jordan released a statement regarding that shooting. this release is not intended to address all questions and criticisms that exist. however, critical issues regarding the investigation, the providing of medical care and aid, summary witness statements and lab tests, the coroner's report and independently corroborated facts and circumstances as they existed on the scene are addressed through this release. in the meantime, the oakland police department is also under fire from those who say that the court mandated reforms are not being implemented so attorneys are now going to ask for the federal government to take over the department today. attorney the attorney said no
7:21 am
one person is to blame by lack of reform by the police department. >> it's a systemic cultural problem that is not being addressed by the city. not being addressed by the city administrator. not being addressed by the city council. not being addressed by the mayor. and not being addressed most of all by the police department. again he's expected to file court papers today asking for a judge to appoint a receiver to take over control of the police department. a mistrial declared in the federal cocaine fraud trial of san francisco -- a san francisco crime lab technician. the u.s. judge says the jurors in trial of deborah madden did not reach a unanimous verdict on the charges. the jurors did agree that madden took cocaine from the laboratory in 2009 but disagreed on whether prosecutors prove she did so by means of deception. that was the technicality. the judge set a hearing for next week to discuss a possible retrial. 7:21. we'll be back with more in a
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couple of minutes. thank you for waking up with us. on this thursday morning. we're looking live over some cloudy skies over san francisco. so this shows you the big weather change. the shift we've seen happen between the heat wave and cooldown.
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welcome back. 7:in. in bay area news federal investigators are investigating
7:25 am
anti-semitism allegations at uc berkeley. "the los angeles times" reports recent graduates claim that university officials created a hostile campus climate for jewish students by failing to curb anti-israel protests. they say that a protest against israel's treatment of the palestinians was one of several february apartheid week campus events that started an anti-semitic rhetoric, hate speech across the campus. the u.s. department of education civil rights office confirms it's investigating the allegations now. a community protest against the chevron refinery in richmond was held yesterday. that refinery sight caught fire in august. huge platforms of toxic smoke sent tens of thousands of people to the hospital. this was the scene yesterday. you can see it in the video. a lot of folks with signs, right there off the gates of the chevron refinery. they were demanding more community compensation from chevron, more worker safety.
7:26 am
and say chevron needs to pay its fair share of taxes. meanwhile, an east bay community still in shock after a middle school teacher accused of molesting a former student found dead in his car in an apparent suicide. the father of james izumazaki is too upset to talk to him but there will be a public memorial for the 28-year-old in coming saturday from 10:00 to noon in memorial park in albany. the father says it's very difficult for the family and wish people would respect their privacy. police in antioch are investigating a series of attacks on drivers along highway 4. antioch police say a man went to the hospital thursday night, 10:00 after he was hit by a foreign object that went through his windshield. somebody this thrown something off the g street overpass. then it happened again later that night. an object was thrown from the bridge. again, it happened on monday too, on monday night, an ambulance was hit.
7:27 am
an opening was large enough on the overpass for someone to get through. the police department is taking this matter very seriously and have increased patrols in the area but so far they can't catch whoever is doing it. the attorney for a former modesto teacher who had a romance with a student asked the judge to dismiss the sex charges against her client. the former teacher, james hooker is accused of molesting a teenaged student in 1998. the attorney for him argued that the sex charges should be dismissed because the statute of limitations has e alleged vi years old, testified earlier in the day. a judge is going to make a decision on this next month. coming up on the kron4 morning news the rest of the day's headlines. we have a live look from our roof camera, looking downtown, you can see the transamerica building. there's a slight breeze out there, cloud cover too. i don't spend money
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on the oakland as are waking up this morning as the champs of the american league. they showed everybody wrong and they proved them wrong. now we are going to be looking at what is next for the oaks throughout the morning. it will be an exciting weekend for them. >> the giants too. let's get the latest in the traffic center though. i know you're following hot spots. any improvement? >> no improvement, james. in fact we've added a few more problems to the list. so we still have a big backup on 580 westbound and a new accident at grant line road. we're pushing 58 minutes for the drive time there. take a look at the nimitz freeway, the backup here continues to grow on 880 southbound getting into hayward. this is going to add about 16 minutes to your commute southbound.
7:31 am
earlier problems at 92 and llewellyn both clear. now across the bay, problems on the peninsula for both 101 and interstate 280. 101 southbound, the accident here at whipple that left us with stop-and-go conditions past third avenue in santa -- san mateo on 101 southbound almost backed up to poplar and peninsula. and 92 was jammed because of late road work. north 280 at bunker hill road they had lanes shut down. that picked up 20 minutes ago. it was picked up about 710:i guess that makes it, what, 22 minutes ago. and so the traffic that is normally trouble-free on 280 northbound isn't this morning. let's go to the south bay, we've been talking all morning about how bad the ride is on 101 northbound but 85 had an accident northbound at 17 so it is stop-and-go from the valley
7:32 am
and 280 once again backing up in the northbound direction heading out toward cupertino with a 28-minute drive time, out to the 85 interchange. this 101 ride has grown to over 40 minutes. it should be about half of that. take a look at our camera in san jose, you'll see now that even the hov, the diamond lane here is at a standstill for 101 northbound. dealing with clouds now, and the fog is certainly back. temperatures will climb into the 60s and 70s as we head into the afternoon. significantly cooler compared to what we saw yesterday. that fog will be there tonight. wet weather in the forecast. more details on the weekend in the next report. we're all talking about the as, our division champs for the first time in six years. winning the division is all the more remarkable given the team
7:33 am
was five games behind the texas rangers with just nine games left in the regular season. they came back from a deficit that no other team has done in major league baseball history. a sellout crowd at the coliseum, 36, 000 packing in. standing room only and the fans going crazy. the as up 1-0 and then five runs by texas in the third. the big rally here in the sixth inning. that put the athletics up for good. josh hamilton getting yelled at by his manager after dropping that ball in center field. the as go on to win after coming back from that 5-1 deficit, 12-5 win, the 15th division title in their history. >> it's great to come from last place. it's great. >> we're proud. it's unbelievable. i'm going to celebrate with my teammates.
7:34 am
>> what these guys did over the last six games and really the road trip before, everyone thought that was the road trip that was going to do them in. >> the manager certainly making a great case for manager of the year in the american league. the as are in detroit for the first few games saturday and sunday against the tigers. the first game at the coliseum here will be tuesday. the giants with their playoff run at home this weekend against the cincinnati reds with games at at&t park saturday and sunday and buster posey winning the national league batting title. more on that at 7:45. other developing news this morning. we're going to the south bay where police are investigating two homicides that happened overnight. the 34th and 36 -- 35th and 36th homicide in that city so far this year. and will has been at the most recent one, number 36.
7:35 am
what can you tell us about the investigation so far? >> reporter: so far no arrests in this case. no descriptions of the suspects but i'm in front of the house where the shots rang out. according to the victim's friends, they were having a birthday barbecue and you can see the bash -- barbecue there. according to the family friends, this person, the victim, tries to come out and grab more meat from the barbecue, when shots rang out. he staggers inside, but then, when all the people inside come out the suspects were long gone. i got a chance to talk to the victims' friends, he didn't want to show his face on camera. here's what he had to say about the murder. >> all you hear is about guys outside cooking barbecue running into the house. you just hear shots shots fired, shots fired! the guy that got shot runs into the house, drops to the floor. i happen to look out the window, didn't see anything. all i was told was it was gang bangers wearing blue rags over
7:36 am
their faces with hats and -- they were the people causing the crimes out here in this area. the person that got killed was an older guy with a kid and wife. that didn't even gang bang. >> reporter: that man you just heard from, james, he says he's friends at the -- the friends at the party are not gang members. however, detectives told us they believe it's gang related. this is on the 2300 block of doorburn avenue. it happened 12:49, 12:050 in the morning, four hours before this murder there was another murder in downtown san jose, about two blocks from san jose state university. for that murder police responded, they believe it was the fight. when they came out the victim was unconscious, not breathing. they don't believe the two murders are related. >> thank you for the update. the first presidential debate is now in the history books . after the shake all
7:37 am
arguing, over domestic issues. that was the scene for president obama and mitt romney. jabs last night. they were asked about their policy issues for the economy and for americans. and one of the things that kept coming up was tax cuts. specifically cuts for high income americans. >> i will not reduce the share paid by high income individuals. i know that you and your running mate keep saying that. i know it's a popular thing to say with a lot of people but it's just not the case. look, i got five boys. i am used to people saying something that is not always true but just keep on repeating it and ultimately hoping i'll believe it but that is not the case, all right? i will not reduce the taxes paid by high income americans. >> for 18 months you've been running on this tax plan. and, now five weeks before the election, saying this big bold idea is, never mind. the fact is that if you are
7:38 am
lowering the rates the way you describe, governor, then it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes that only effect high income individuals to avoid either raising the deficit or burdennening the middle class. >> according to a poll by cnn 67% of americans believe that republican mitt romney was the winner in this first debate. and that compares to 25% who thought it was the democrat president obama who won. you can share what you think about the debates on our facebook fan page. >> we'll check the markets when we come back.
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find your perfect color with a buy one, get one pint offer. visit welcome back. a rise on wall street on this thursday morning. the dow up 87 points now to 13,582. that is after some comments from the european central bank president about the bond-buying program being successful. we're also watching hewlett-packard shares down 13% yesterday. down another 4% right now.
7:42 am
this after the ceo says they are cutting guidance for 2015 expecting a turn around for the company.
7:43 am
7:44 am
fleet week getting underway around the bay. the blue angels coming up saturday. we're going to show you how to watch it on kron so stay tuned for those details. a different spectacle in the city yesterday. the navy and marine corps landed a giant harbor craft on
7:45 am
san francisco's ocean beach. we were waiting for it, unfortunately it came on after the morning show but there it is. we stuck around long enough to catch video of it. it's huge. it can help in a major disaster they say if bridges go down, they can avoid supplies, whatever. it was used during hurricane katrina to help in the efforts there and other humanitarian efforts around the world. so pretty impressive. of course we have the blue angels live sponsored by jeep on kron 4 hosted by mark daniel. 3:00 p.m., saturday, october 6th. let's get to weather and traffic. we mentioned george a second ago. he's following several hot spots.things are not getting mu better, james. we're still tracking major delays on a number of freeways, east bay and south bay starting 480 in the westbound direction. the ride into livermore out of the altamont pass is not so bad
7:46 am
getting into dublin now but look at this drive time, 55 minutes to get to the dublin interchange from the 205 interchange. it's actually slow before there. then we still have ongoing problems here for the ride through hayward on the nimitz freeway southbound, backed up in -- from the south end of oakland coming into san leandro. it's a solid backup there for the trip to highway 92. then, across the bay, continuing problems here for 101 in both directions around 92 but especially on the southbound side. things got off to a bad start with an accident in redwood city southbound at whipple and because of that we've been backed up nearly to burlington game on 101 -- burlingame on 101 south. and delays on 280 in the northbound direction after the late road work at bunker hill. in the south bay, there's no relief, no good alternates because all the three major freeways are completely jammed
7:47 am
up. 85 heading out to saratoga is almost a solid backup through the valley through highway 85. 280 is jammed after cupertino and look at this, solid traffic all the way from the 85 interchange. that drive time is now 61 minutes to get you north. let's back that up just a bit here. 61 minutes. here's a live look from our cam are in san jose. the earlier problems at great america parkway have cleared. looks as though that off-ramp has been reopened. so traffic is starting to move a bit because it had been at a complete standstill. at the bay bridge, westbound ride not much relief here, we're still looking at between 20 and 24-minute drive times depending on the approach to the toll plaza this morning. at 7:47, let's check the weather. see if it's going to be clear enough to see the blue angels when they start to practice today. good morning. well, looks like we will see clear conditions inland.
7:48 am
however gray skies and cloud cover nor some of the inland areas. let's look at the temperatures into the afternoon. 3:00 p.m. 60s and 70s for the most part. we'll see more in the way of 70s as we head into the afternoon highs. mountainview at 73 degrees. 79 expected in los gatos and we could get pretty close to 80 in antioch. livermore. 68 in san leandr, 63 in downtown san francisco. and 69 in san rafael. for fleet week, fog in the morning but clear conditions into the afternoon for those of you watching the blue angels friday, saturday and sunday. changes as we head into the weekend. starting the next workweek we have the potential for some showers.
7:49 am
every headline for the past week is improbable, unexpected, shocking, amazing. if i hear -- it was outlandish the last headline. i've had it. they are good. leave it at that. >> so you are turning on the bay area media. >> i'm starting to get offended by everyone saying how incredibly unbelievable as if we're that bad -- i say we, they are that bad to this is so shocking. now i'm getting from amazed to offended. you call it outlandish and i've had enough. >> can i give you a test to show you why it's outlandish? >> ok. a test? >> can you name three oakland as? >> good point. other than coco crisp. >> that's because of his name. >> no, you taught me early on.
7:50 am
>> true. you know what i'm saying. the guys came out of completely know where -- nowhere. it's like you can bring a guy -- boy, is he good and it takes two or three years before anybody knows they are on. it's just the way it goes. when you have players that no one has heard of we just say this is unbelievable. i didn't even know those guys and look what they are doing. >> again, they definitely have been unloved and overlooked. i'll give you that. >> but texas, they are the only people that had a worse day than obama. >> oh, my gosh, yeah. i was wondering when all this was going on yesterday, what is gar doing now? i know you love politics, choosing between sports and politics? >> i love to see a good fight. you watch the next one, obama will come out smoking. >> we'll see. the next fight, texas takes on the orioles.
7:51 am
then we've got saturday for the as. so saturday, with the detroit tigers. all of this, like playoff stuff, i've been ignoring. i think it's been kind of overshadowed. this triple crown was completed, the amazing feat by miguel cabrebb barrera -- cabrera. >> when you do something that hasn't happened since 1967 it's amazing. the other thing about this guy, just like buster posey, this guy is a slow runner. posey is a real slow runner. posey is the first cacciatore win a -- catcher to win a batting champ since 1942. when you're slow you don't get any cheap hits. what was interesting about the playoffs is that the giants and as, i was looking last night on the computer, they are going to play exactly the same day. they will play saturday, sunday. then tuesday, if necessary wednesday and thursday of next week. >> wow. you
7:52 am
>> you know what i'm saying? we'll have two games each of those days and you watch without a team that ties. the as will probably play the day game because they are the least -- you know. >> yeah. >> the as will be least attractive, they will probably be on around 1:00. if not -- yeah, about 1:00 at oakland. then the giants -- probably giving you too much information. >> no. >> the giants and reds will play a little later. >> are you kidding me? we're watching. i'm wondering too, with the giants playing the reds is it somehow an advantage to know your opponent? like yankees, they don't know, today, right now who they are going to play. it's not like football where we're yg going to play for this special team. >> you play 62 games. >> you're doing your own game. >> you probably -- like the yankees in texas have played a bunch of times. so they know each other. i think the biggest deal here
7:53 am
is if you get a day or two off we can rest up a little bit. you practice but you don't have that intensity. that's what you are worried about. i think -- can you get your pitchers lined up to what you want to pitch? i think that's more important. by now you've got a pretty good idea what your opponents' strength are. >> what the giants need to know about the reds. >> dusty baker wants to beat them. when dusty left it was not a pretty sight around here. >> you remember that? you were not here 10 years ago. >> two managers who have taken the giants, i know at different times, two of the world series, i think that is going to be interesting. >> that's the argument that has worked. what is more important, would you rather play because the reds have the better record than the giants. yet the way they set this up, the first two games are on the road and then you come back for 3-0. i think everyone has an
7:54 am
opinion. i would rather play the first two if i earned it on my home field. when you get out 2-0 - >> momentum. >> putting pressure on the giants. they have to win. they have to win almost the first two. >> i know that you're going to be -- hunkered down this weekend because san francisco is going to be a mess. just sit in front of the tv. >> no, i'm going to be a part of fleet week. i'm going to just go out there, take my shirt off and just say louder! louder! we are the sons and daughters of farmers who made cheese; the keepers of the loafs. the people who will never lower the bar. our world started in deep green grass and rain and the hills and the waves and the big, tall trees of tillamook, oregon. we make cheese of an exquisite standard
7:55 am
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helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. coming up, a lot of debate coverage coming up, at the top of the hour we'll have a live report from denver so we're looking forward to that. at 8:15. most polls show romney was the winner of the debate. and 8:45.
7:58 am
more on what the local restaurants had to say. when we come back. vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools.
7:59 am
today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight.
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8:02 am
>> we have several hot spots.
8:03 am
>> drive times are nearly an hour from the altamont pass. the delays on the nimitz freeway as a backup rose southbound, the traffic that is backed up their beyond davis is moving in the southbound direction. across the bay we're still jammed up on highway 1 01 in redwood city. coming out of burlingame there's a 40 minute drive time to get to redwood city on the 1 01 south down. the northbound traffic is also jammed to 80 is heavy and southbound. this is the worst condition , basically to a.d. 85 and 1 01 are all jammedthere is
8:04 am
a 61 minute drive time here in the northbound drive from the 1 01 interchange and to santa clara. taking 85 or t lady will not save you any time they are jammed. >> there's a cold start to this morning gray skies above as well. the '60s in oakland and it looks like it will be a cooler afternoon. upper '70's for your up warmest inland areas with a cooling trend on the horizon. i will have more to the details in just a minute. >> after rallying from a 51 deficit they came back to beat up on the rangers. the
8:05 am
oakland a's swept the series. they are waiting for the first time only one that matters. they're the only team in history to come back from being five games down with fewer than 10 games to play. you can almost tell hear the echo of the fans from yesterday. >> that's right you can smell the miller lite and the puck in lot--parking lot. cinderella was that with the glass slipper, at the a's took the slipper off and started beating the rangers in the head with the slipper. they came from 13 games back on june 30th they
8:06 am
came back to win the a.l. west. fans turned out in droves yesterday to watch. but they came from 51 down to wind 12 to five. the fans were static and we had a chance to talk to them after the game. >> i've been waiting for a moment like that. watching the games i was never there but this time i was actually there. the celebration was remarkable! >> i experience history now. i'm excited. >> now i really believe in the days pass-oakland a's. and something that you
8:07 am
imagine that all year. >> you can look at the screen here and they traveled to detroit today they have practiced a mile and on saturday we will kick off the division series against the detroit tigers at 3:00 our time. followed by game on sunday with a day off on 10/4/12 an amazing story. and what makes it better it's not just the a's. also for the first time since 2003. both teams are in the playoff. both teams are in the record chltd both with 94 wins and 68 losses on the) as for the giants becoming the first giants since 2004. are at their playoff run at home this weekend with the guc÷! on saturday. 6:37 first pitch at at&t park. time still to be determined and to cincinnati on
8:08 am
tuesday and wednesday. we'll be right back as the morning news continues.
8:09 am
imagine relaxing in a spot like tub in the comfort of your own home.
8:10 am
8:10 right now. and fleet week is picking up. all of the stuff that happens this weekend. see the blue angels as they do practice runs. and there's more to see along the water. let's go to karl for an solo reporter. she's in san francisco with a look at some of the ships.
8:11 am
>> reporter: hi, there. you are looking at the ss lincoln island carrier. in less than an hour officially fleet wood will be launched off because island carrier is going to be hosting a two day seminar on disaster response and humanitarian relief. and the mayor of san francisco he'll be doing the opening remarks to that seminar. you have that going on and the blue angels will do practicing later on today. you have all the air shows during the weekend. those all start on friday. starts at 12:30. you'll see quite a few other different aircrafts in the air and doing the show. b 2 bomber. and see the patriot jet team. that's the team that blows out the red, white and blue smoke. the headliner here are the blue angels. i don't know if we have video of them from last year. they will be appearing at 3:00 on friday, saturday and sunday.
8:12 am
if you want to catch them specifically, that's the time to go out there and take a look at them. and then you also have the parade on saturday morning at 11:00. and they'll be parked on pier 80. and people will be able to go on these ships. it's free. it's open to the public but it is a first come, first serve kind of deal. expect to be in a line. there's big lines last year. if you want to try to get on one of these ships, the best bet is come early and get on there. >> that's the key. first come first served . how early is early? i'm usedcq3d>ú to getting up at0 in the morning. i can be there right away. >> reporter: exactly. be there early. and just to add to all the other stuff, i almost forgot, let me show you this here. you also have the world cup race on sunday. the american race on sunday. and that starts i believe around 1:50 in the afternoon.
8:13 am
a lot to do this weekend. >> i'm thinking of the best time. i say hurry up and wait. that's you will i can all3s!ç90 you can do. you can stay in your living room and watch our special this saturday afternoon. 8:13. we'll be back with more in a minute.
8:14 am
8:15 am
welcome back to the kron 4 morning news as we continue to track multiple hot spots.
8:16 am
take a look at this, traffic stopped most of the way across the span. once again, a construction area delay. it's backed up from the base of the high rise for several miles all the way back to the toll plaza. over 20 minutes the drive time and should be 11:00. we continue to experience major delays through the south bay on freeways here. 101 northbound especially. a 65 minute drive time to get you up towards santa clara. and forget 85 or 280 as alternate routes, they are badly jammed up as william. bay braj toll plaza --ñn& bay bridge toll plaza, 20 to 24 minute drives whether you are coming from the east shore or m cart hur maze. >> 8:16 and this morning, everybody is talking about who won the first presidential debate. and joining us to talk
8:17 am
about it political analyst. >> mitt romney won this debate and general consensus is if you are a romney fan, you think he hit a home run. and if you are an obama fan, you are scratching your head this morning. >> when you were watching it, if you are a romney fan, you are howling with glee. and an obama fan, you were howling at the tv. this was a president who didn't show up for the debate. when you look at how he presented himself, i've coached a lot of candidates. he violated every single rule you can think of. at his opponent. two, in his closing, he didn't look at the camera. three, he didn't answer anything that romney threw at him. and four, his energy level was just in the negative range. felt like he was in the middle of the black hole sucking all the energy out of him. it was just a bad performance. i was kind
8:18 am
of amused by watching later on some of the pund ants who was basically having a seizure in the zl84suñ screaming about how obama needs to watch ms nbc. the fact is romney gave the president so many opportunities to just hit him hard and hit him back and the president looked at the call third strike each time. >> romney had a lot to gain from this debate. did the president have a lot to lose or is this okay? this performance? >> if you want to look at the few silver linings and there are very few. the president didn't make any major gasps. there is nothing memorable about anything he said. romney came in with everything to gain. obama had everything to lose. but he was essentially playing the type of old defense everyone knows doesn't do anything to prevent you from winning. so he thought he was up by a touchdown and decided to give up all this
8:19 am
yardage and hope they didn't score. we'll see in the polls how much of a bump romney got. there's no doubt romney is going to get a 2, 3, maybe 4 bump out of this. what's interesting is it puts all the pressure on joe biden next week. who would have thought joe biden would be the savior. this is joe's moment coming up. >> supporters of the president, the only defense they'll be using is john kerry won in the first debate and george bush wound up in the presidency. how many undecided voters out there? enough to sway the vote in. >> if i'm in the obama campaign, i'm very worried about this. even though the polls say they are 5 or 6% undecided voters. the committed voters is only in about the 60s. that's a big gap of people who can shift and stay home and do something else. you've got to remote vat
8:20 am
them. -- reç!rut1>0@6cj,
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> we are tracking an area of low pressure well off the california coast right now. we do have the potential to warm up with that low pressure system into the weekend. current conditions 59 out the door napa 62 in hayward. '60s and '70s by lunch time around the bay area. is pretty comfortable in to your afternoon highs there is lots of orange indicating where we can see some eighties. livermore and he got are really on the brink for upper '70's. later this afternoon 75 in sunnyvale 79 in los gatos and plenty of sunshine all around. 68 in san leandro and it's going to be a great afternoon for the coast line. ocean beach at 61
8:24 am
degrees. 68 in oakland and a cooling trend is on the horizon. we will see cooler weather for the next couple of days but sunday starting next workweek we have things to talk about. we introduced a 20 percent chance of rain on monday and tuesday. it's a 20 4:00 a.m. and we will take a quick break with the kron4 morning news.
8:25 am
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>> we continue to attract another major hot spot in the midst of what has been a very slow commute. the san mateo bridge traffic is backed up all the way across the span. this is another construction delay because of the work going [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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at&t u-verse high speed internet. now on our newly expanded advanced digital network, a connection your whole house can count on. ♪ >> i put forth a specific trillion dollar reduction plan. >> it is not possible to come up with enough deductions and loopholes to only affect high-income individuals. >> president of brock obama
8:31 am
challenging at around these numbers at the debate last night. there were contentious moments but it was pretty courteous over all. over all people agree that mitt romney won this one. two-thirds of the people that watch this debate say that romney won the debate. the vice president presidential candidates square off next week and kentucky. >> it has been a remarkably busy morning with no apparent reason why. there been a number of accidents this morning that have really jammed up traffic. >> the ride on the peninsula of the 1 01 south found believe it or not as solid from san bruno all the way down to redwood city. it is one of the longest slowest rides well over an hour and 14 minutes. looking
8:32 am
at a really rough ride here for your view. also a new problem has been reported for interstate 80 in the westbound direction. we are looking at slowing go, stop and go traffic for the entire length of the span. the stretch all the way down to berkeley there is an eastbound car fire that has the two west lanes of interstate 80 shot down. this is probably some of the worst traffic we have ever seen for the 85 to 80 as well as the one on one. the drive time out of the coyote valley is jammed up all the way to the 87. there's a drive time of over 60 minutes there. the drive to san mateo bridge says that we are still jammed up here from one end of the bridge all the way to the other, another construction delay.
8:33 am
>> we have clouds right now with the fog certainly back. as we head into the afternoon and later on this night will have more fall in the forecast. details on just how cool it is going to get and when we see some sprinkles coming up in just a bit. >> the oakland athletics are the division champions. they were five games behind nine games left in the regular season. the biggest play of the game-ammo from center field dropped the fly ball losing it in the sun. that put oakland ahead for good. they wind up winning 12 to five. listen to that crowd. it was the athletics fifth division title in that district. >> they said we weren't
8:34 am
supposed to do anything but, in last place. >> its tough to put it into words. i'm going to celebrate... >> what these guys did over the last six games, they thought the road trip was planned to do demand. >> we await the playoffs now, the athletics will be away in detroit on saturday and sunday. >> a developing story in san jose this morning police are investigating two homicides that happened overnight. that marks to 36 homicide in san jose this year. will tran is live at the scene
8:35 am
and the people were barbecuing and you can see family in france showing up >> apparently the victim went outside and that is win a couple of people came in and shot him. he staggered back in the home and people ran out of by the time they got out here the suspects were long gone. there been no arrests made and there is no description of the shooter. >> all you hear about is freer for guys cut in bar-b- q and running to the house. and they just kept shouting shots fired shots fired! i happen to look out the window and i did not see anything. i thought it was gangbangers wearing blue and black over their faces.
8:36 am
these are the people that are causing the committee crimes out here in this area. the person that was killed was an older guy with a kid and a wife did not even gangbang. >> the victim's name has not been released yet. the person that you heard from swears that he nor his friends or the other friends at the party were gang members. detectives say they believe this is gang- related. this is a very busy area next to 680 as well. they are still searching for whoever did this. four hours before this murder there is another one in downtown san jose. in that case it seem like the victim died because of a veto of a fight. they do not believe that the incidents are related. >> the san mateo bridge is a
8:37 am
hot spot traffic is at a standstill. we will be back.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> is 8:39 a.m. we are now in a cool down and you can see the big difference. 79 for the highest temperatures today and we will lose a few degrees are the weekend.
8:40 am
this is just an time for all of these festivities going on. facebook has used the 1 billion monthly user mark. they hit that milestone on september 14th. the social made it giant it is up since june and has added 600-million mobile users. the dow is up 63 points to 13,568. they were down nearly 13 percent yesterday and only 3 percent today. google is announcing that they have settled their longstanding dispute over gruels books canning. they are ready stand over 2000 bucks. the publishers and authors to saying they violated their copyright. a
8:41 am
federal judge tossed out the appeal over an objection. >> we will be back with more news weather and traffic in just a few minutes. let's take a look at the san mateo bridge and as you can see traffic is very slow. the drive times and any other hot spots the need to stay away from this morning will let you know in just a few minutes when we come right back.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
that not everyone who attended this watch party supports president obama and they want answers. some people feel that met rodney when the showdown. 63
8:45 am
percent of americans believe that romney won the debate. kron4 asked people through face of what they thought of the debate and 59 percent of those respondents said that president obama 1. six percent believe the debate was at a thai--tie. >> don says i'm not big on romney but to be honest romney came off very well. chris shell said romney clearly won the the budget debate but he won by lying. you can say what you'd like on our facebook fan page as well and maybe we will read it on the air this morning. >> our continued hot spots every morning the san mateo
8:46 am
bridge is being backed up. >> there have been construction delays on the san mateo bridge. are on erica kato decided to do some investigative work last week. there is a steel plate that was placed over the expansion joints on the roadway which will force the closure of this bridge in the upcoming months. this is cause a backup almost every day. it is exacerbated by eight accidents. there are definitely problems this morning but even if they weren't there we would still be experiencing these conditions. this will continue most likely over the next several weeks. you'll want to avoid this bridge. the one-on-one is still jam solidly from
8:47 am
these before highway 85. to 80 and 85 have also been pretty badly backed up. there have been only slight improvements here. this drive time is now over 68 minutes out of the coyote valley as you head north towards santa clara. we have continuing delays for 80 westbound. there was a vehicle fire eastbound and all lanes are open. the peninsula commute of the 1 01 southbound, the entire length of the ride is jammed up. there's an hour and 16 minute drive time being calculated for the drive out of san bruno southbound. >> let's take a look at all the clouds that we still
8:48 am
have. downtown san francisco there's a great start to the morning. delays on the writing flights as at all... >> as we take those numbers as the afternoon much cooler than what we saw this week. we will not break any records 70 on tap for fremont. 68 in brentwood and gilroy later this afternoon. 69 expected in hayward and another day of cooler weather for downtown san francisco low sixties there. your fleet week forecast if
8:49 am
you want to go out and watch the blue angels at comcast channel 193. there will be a flop foggy start to the morning but blue skies as the head into the afternoon. los '60s friday and saturday. the seven day around the bay forecasts... >> excitement around here for the fleet week with the military in the area. the 2500 soldiers that have volunteered to take place and the festivities have volunteered at the v.a. hospital as well as children's hospitals. one of
8:50 am
our own back to hop in the cockpit and take a ride. but he wasn't the only one. he said he felt like a kid again. lieutenant market to grow was the pilot and they really put him through the wringer. >> we had 6.2 g's during takeoff and we had 6 point to coming back down. he did pretty well. as far as mach numbers we did break the speed of sound. not many people can say that they have broken the sound
8:51 am
barrier. >> that sounds pretty cool. we will have more coming up this weekend we will show you the bill and those live sponsored by jeep. this saturday at 3:00 p.m.. [ male announcer ] are you ready for tomorrow's technology today?
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8:55 am
>> a quick look at what we face for the weekend there's pretty much a cooling trend headed our way. it may rain on monday. >> oakland a's fans celebrate throughout the night. >> of the celebration did not and hours after the celebration-- >> i've been waiting my life for something like that. this time i was at the game and the whole celebration will probably last three days. this is remarkable!
8:56 am
>> house we is it being guaranteed at least three games and said that one game we played for all of the elimination games. >> i'll definitely be drunk three home playoff game for sure. >> i was in right field bleachers i saw everything and everyone around me was throwing up sodas and water. it brought tears to my eyes it was amazing. >> no one really believed in the athletics except for us fans. i had to be a part of that today. is this something special they have been making magic all year. >> friday night against the seattle mariners opened up with over 16,000 fans that turned out.
8:57 am
>> we can't get enough of those amazing athletics. we'll continue on the kron4 morning news will have a live report. there's lots of fleet week activity to tell you about. what you may hear around the bay this afternoon. >> the san mateo bridge look at this traffic to stop nearly backed up all the way to the 880. it's more than just construction delays i
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> we have learned because of the construction were going on and this steel plate that was placed across the roadway has been causing delays. this morning is not just that there are other problems on the san mateo bridge. don't even think about having to highway 92 in the westbound direction this morning is gonna take a long time to clear this backup out of the way. it is backed up all the way to 880. the sec to look at the
9:01 am
peninsula commute the 1 01 southbound is basically a solid ride out of san bruno. i got kicked off to a bad start with an accident there were few breaks in their but the drive times are over an hour-and-a-half. that is more than twice the what you would normally take. interstate 80 is still a solid wall of traffic as the head west towards berkeley. and the south bay we're still jammed up and over one hour drive time out of downtown or into downtown san jose out of the coyote valley. now to 80 is solid all the way towards cupertino. >> and then spencer getting relief from the heat as cool
9:02 am
air is making its way into that area. we are expecting sunshine this afternoon and the fog is going to roll right back in in the evening hours. >> 9 of 2:00 a.m. in the latest with decision 2012. president obama and met romani traded jabs around about bringing jobs back to america. one of the hot- button issues was tax cuts. specifically for high-income americans. >> the same time my tax plans are ready lower taxes for 98 percent of families i also lowered taxes for small businesses 18 times. what i want to do is continue the tax breaks that we put into place for small businesses and families. i have said
9:03 am
that for incomes over $250,000 a year that we should go back to the rates we had when bill clinton was president. we created 23 million new jobs and went from deficit to serve less. -test server + >> i have five boys, i'm used to people sang something that is not always true and just keep repeating it hoping that i believe it. that is not the case. i will not reduce the taxes paid by high-income americans. >> is there a be two more presidential debates the
9:04 am
next one is more of a town hall style format. the audience will have an opportunity to answer ask questions. vice president joe biden and paul ryan will have their debate and kentucky. >> pictures of denver this morning, this is a rally for president obama. he is scheduled to speak here momentarily. a lot of critics as well as supporters are considering his performance last night to be lackluster. we will see how he reacts to last night's debate and how he plans to move forward from this point on. >> o if you miss the debate last night you can still see the whole thing on our web
9:05 am
site at kron4 .com. we also encourage you to share your thoughts on our facebook and twitter cups. >> no one believed they could do it except for the players themselves, the oakland athletics have one. the athletics swept the series and they are in first place only when it matters. they're the only team in major league baseball history to come back from five games to first place with only 10 games. >> i've been waiting all my life for something like that. i was never at the game but this time i was at the game and the whole celebration should last
9:06 am
three days. this is remarkable. >> i experienced history right now. i'm excited. >> no one really believed in the players except for us the fans. i'd his head to be a part of it today. they have been making magic happen all year. >> the athletics start off and try it would games saturday and sunday. the saturday game starts at 3 07 p.m. and the sunday game is still to be determined. >> game saturday and sunday at at&t park against the reds. there will have to cincinnati on sunday.
9:07 am
>> police are investigating to murders that happened overnight in san jose. that makes 36 homicides and san jose this year. will tran as on the scene of the latest murder. >> this murder took place at 1250 in the morning. it was a birthday/barbeque. apparently the victim was inside the house he went outside look at the barbecue to grab some meat and that is when shots rang out. everyone else was inside. he staggered back inside. by the time everyone else got out the suspects were long gone. there is no description of the suspects and there have been no arrests made. one of the
9:08 am
people said that he believes that it is gang-related. the police did not believe that this is connected to the murder that was committed a couple of hours earlier down the street from the san francisco state university. when police officers arrived they found the victim unconscious but breeding. they tried to save his life but were unable. they have not release the names of the victims. people are shaken in this community. this is right next to 680. the victims did not tell us anything about them leaving by car but if they did 680 is a really close. hopefully we will get more information on best later
9:09 am
we're still hoping to hear back. >> it is nine 08 a.m. and we will be back in a couple of minutes.
9:10 am
9:11 am
>> welcome back finally some movement at the toll plaza. just one of the toll plazas but it has been backed up well belo be these toll plazas before 1 0 1. the drive times have been over 30 minutes. you can forget about using it for the next
9:12 am
one hour. more about this, in just one minute. >> new details on the drowning of a college student. brent olson showing that he could have been drinking. according to the toxicology . his b a l was 0.23. around the death, nearly three times the legal limit. they could not determine how much cocaine he consumed. also, this was near the sacramento river and his death was ruled an accident. >> anti-semitism the u.s. berkeley. the recent graduates saying that this was a hostile environment. the treatment of palestinians with this apartheid week started as an anti-semitic hate speech. the department of education's of rights is investigating these allegations. >> 9:12 we will be back rob
9:13 am
black with mark on the winners and losers on wall street. >> taking a look at van ness still, cragray on your prepaid card? introducing chase liquid. the reloadable card with no fee reloads and withdrawals at chase atms. all for one flat monthly fee so there's zero confusion. get rid of prepaid problems. get chase liquid. erika derry: and the fact that cacalifornia isn't making it a priority frustrates me.
9:14 am
dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter. brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
9:15 am
>> welcome back. rob black is with us. the dow jones is down 90 points. we could make ourselves crazy by watching the markets. >> yes we are watching the
9:16 am
stock market. and even the world series! [laughter] and i can personally guaranteed the bankruptcy as well as his other assets. >> do you think that was the first time that that was used as collateral >> this was before 20051 it was more relevant and it had a higher value. >> let us talk about the debate last night and you were talking about twitter. >> yes. they made a record of users. over 10 million. for the debate last night. 2 million in the first couple of minutes. it is the first way to get a great wfor information. a new, innovative way toinformation, pl debates, naturcharlie seen charlie sheen. it could be used for something
9:17 am
incredibly tragic were happy. twitter is becoming a news feed. it will show the power of the internet. and in a great company to possibly invest and. >> h p? their stock was down 13%. and 4 percent today and no one percent today. is it the way that she said it? >> both. >> i think that she is not apple. and it is not ibm. it is pc weakness. i do not think that they focused. on software enterprise i do not want to use that as an excuse however, that company is good of 21 and thousand. 230,000 employers. the shareholders will not stand for this. this is a low. the 10-year low. it is one of the greatest companies in the world and it is holding down the dow jones industrial average. imagine. what impacting the value of
9:18 am
that. it is a tragic story and for this to turn around i would not invest in this for at least one year. they have to work on employees. >> they're talking for years, five years for the employee turnaround. >> facebook. 1 billion users active users. is that anybody that has ever opened an account? >> i think this is kind of shady. i have an account. i have a personal account. i have my wife account, the girlfriend account. >> you do not. pala >> some people do. -- but perhaps 1 million users is inflated a bit. and with russian users they are going to be difficult time getting to 2 billion users and yards large part because of the chinese government. so, but give them some
9:19 am
congratulations with one seventh of the world's population. now, to create money. look at this he is on his mobile. that is what facebook's to do. >> to see mark zuckerberg wearing a necktie >> that made me a bit uncomfortable. >> he will wear the same clothes every day to work. the brain i guess that he is.. preoccupied. and let us talk about retail sales. >> back to school. t. j. max and victoria's secret and the gap. and so there are some winners, losers but overall, better-than- expected. and it could be better than ok for the a
9:20 am
of an anemic for the economy. >> thank you. >> 9:19 weather, traffic. >> janu: you can see we are waking up to clouds and low fog. earlier this week and this cool front will continue with the sea breezes and the cool air. inland. this weekend, that cooling will continue in the chance for showers as we start this neck workweek are taking a look at the fog tracker 4 with this-next workweek. by 2:00 p.m. is going to a pullback to the coast but still along the coast. pressing, overnight. foggy skies possible. temperatures? 60s. 60s currently in oakland. 61 degrees in oakland, concord, 60s in livermore. let us
9:21 am
take a look at the south bay. '70s in los gatos, campbell, redwood city, palo alto. fremont. and for your inland valleys. 79 in livermore, antioch, fairfield and upper 70's and walnut creek. upper 60s for the east bay shore. downtown san francisco, 63 degrees 61 degrees in ocean beach. and 70's in santa rosa, novado, 72 degrees expected for napa. as we take a look at your kron 4 7 day around the bay that cooling will continue for this weekend. for the next workweek, we could see the chance of showers. 9:21. george? >> thank you, janu. we are finally seeing some improvements even at the san mateo bridge. this is not a bridge i would choose because the drive times are still over twice the normal 11 minutes. there has been
9:22 am
accidents. there have been construction delays. it is backing up all the way to the 880/nimitz freeway all the way to the 101. however, some breaks and that. and also the east shore freeway toward a solid wall of traffic from pinole towards berkeley. for the westbound and also we still have slower than normal for the peninsula. look at this out of san bruno. south san francisco towards highway 84 the dumbarton bridge. you could possibly catch a break but it has been slow. there was an accident that has been backing up traffic early this morning and it is not been recovered. the south bay is also slow to recover the 101 northbound. it looks better towards santa clara but check it out
9:23 am
out of the coyote valley towards the 85. solid. the 85, and the 280 are finally looking better. >> week will be back as we continue with the oakland police chief reacting to an officer involved shooting that killed and 18 year-old. and of course to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon.
9:24 am
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downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on >> >>this just in to the kron 4 news room that police search that was in oakland we just heard from the oakland police department. the search is over. this is near bellevue and grand. there was a suspect that was exposing himself. and he became belligerent one officers approached him. they are finally have
9:27 am
detained him. if you want to get that update that search in oakland is over. people were told to stay in their home. >> the family of a high school student killed by oakland police is getting a look at the police report. it details what happened. this 18 year-old was shot in the month of may. the police say that he pointed a gun and they had no choice but the sole rights attorney for the family says there's no physical evidence. and no gun residue was found at the scene. >> oakland police chief, howard jordan released this statement. in and it reads that this is not intended to address all criticisms and concerns. critical issues with the medical care,... and here, he will go on to say that the laboratory results are independent
9:28 am
corroborated. and these are addressed through this. >> a quick break. and will have more on last night's debate. and this live look from the morning after. president obama having a rally in colorado. he will take the stage. we will get that live.
9:29 am
9:30 am
decision 2012, the presidential debate is over. and they are back on the campaign trail. >> this live look with president obama speaking in denver. last night some heated exchange but it was mainly, cordial. with bpresident bush- era tax cuts reinstated. >> we have had this discussion before.
9:31 am
>> in order to reduce the deficit there has to be revenue. >> with revenue and the addition of cots. >> mitt romney has ruled out--cuts. >> the revenue i get is with people working, and paying more taxes that is how we get growth and balance the budget. but to put more people out of work you are never going to get there. you are not going to balance the budget by raising taxes. >> this continues with president obama oppressing tax cuts only people making less than $250,000 per year. >> this live look at the president this year. from denver. he is addressing this at all this grass roots rally. >> now. the reason why i was in denver was to see all of you. and it is always pretty. but we had our first
9:32 am
debate last night. what i wanted to say when i came onto the stage is that i memet this very spirited fellow that claim to be mitt romney. however, it could not been mitt romney. because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last one year. promising 5 trillion dollars in tax cuts to favor the wealthy. and the fellow on the stage last night said that he did not know anything about that. the real mitt romney saying that we cannot need more teachers and our classrooms. however, cannot (boo).. vote! (cheers & applause) the
9:33 am
fellow on stage last night he loved speeches he cannot get enough of them. mitt romney, the one that we know has invested in companies there were called pioneers of outsourcing jobs to other countries. the guy on stage last night. he said that he does not even know that there were such laws that encouraged outsourcing. never heard of them! never heard of them! never heard of tax rates for companies that ship rate jobs overseas. perhaps he needs a new accountant? now, we know for sure that it was not the real macron because he seems to be doing just fine with his accounts. the roll-mitt romney--and you see the man on stage last night he does not want to be held
9:34 am
accountable. for those real mitt romney. and that is because he knows full well that we do not want what he has been selling for the last one year. (cheers & applause) gov. mitt romney could be dancing around his decisions but if you want to be president you owe the american people the truth. >> that is the mathematics of the issues and we cannot afford to go down that road again. we cannot afford more budget cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy and cutting education or clean energy, research, technology. wall
9:35 am
street reformation or big cuts for insurance. we cannot double down on the same top down economics i got this in this mess. that is not a plan to create jobs or grow the of economy. that is what we do not want to do that did not work and we're not going to go back, we want to go forward (cheers & applause) i have a different view on how we can create jobs and los prosperity. >> you can see that president obama is out there with his critics critics, and even his supporters. perhaps the feedback has been coming back perhaps it is a mixture. good? bad. >> james, overall the polls show that most people that
9:36 am
watched the debate thought that mitt romney was the clear winner. and from our facebook fan page this is what you said. and this is what in ma neath in the fortunate reality... this is what mike said... actually, this is what president obama was just saying. also go to our kron fast facebook fan page. good morning, the san
9:37 am
mateo bridge looking great. however, still a bit slow on the mid span to the base of the high rise. and this bridge that i would still of void for a while. looking at the hot spot. however, a big improvement from recently, and the east bay shore, and the 101 but still sketchy. general? >> thank you, the cooling will continue. janu --. oakland. and 60s through the livermore valley. where those temperatures are going but now, a quick break.
9:38 am
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>> welcome back the oakland athletics celebration. they won the division. five games
9:41 am
behind the texas rangers. the first sellout crowd. a standing room only, the fourth inning. five-five, and the drop a ball from josh hamilton center field. and you see some encouraging the from the dog out. with five-one. scoring six runs in that inning and another in the next inning. and 5- with their 15th division title. thorough (cheers & applause) >> is a great feeling for this team was not supposed to anything. it was great. >> the west championships, if it is great! igor to celebrate with my team mates. i am going to celebrate with my teammates. >> for the last six games and that road trip before.
9:42 am
we thought that it was going to be in a deal o. billy been. stokes ha and st, the strongest candidates, the manager of the year, the american league. also, getting doused with champagne. a lot of excitement. the oakland a's will start to division series in detroit. taking on the tigers, and the giants will be saturday, sunday at at&t park. >> 9:42. not just sports! we of fleet week. we will continue live coverage. and as we also take a look at san jose. it looks like traffic is okay. a bit better. on the 101. just beyond the guadeloupe overpass. we will be right back
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> welcome back. the east shore freeway. still, behind schedule from san papillote towards berkeley but easy from their towards the bay bridge from -- sand pebbl pop -- the son paul volcker towards 92. and from the cassan pablo. however, the coyote valley has worked its way into downtown. and looking at the san mateo bridge is been a hot spot for most of this morning. still, i would give it at least another 15-20 minutes before using the 92. the bay bridge. we've not seen that in quite a while the bay bridge backup is still evident on the 580. the drive times have been below
9:47 am
finally, 20 minutes. the golden gate bridge, the 101 south on with no problems and it is an easy commute right now. >> janu: . we can see that it is going to be cooling starting next week and even showers. however, let us take a look at the temperatures. 50s. 60s. the light green is indicating 60s and as we go for lunch, a mixture of 60s, 70's. indicated by the yellow. and we could see 80s but for the most part 60's & 70's. if you're going out this evening? a mixture of 50s and 60s. overlooking the south-bay. for the inland
9:48 am
valleys, 79 degrees in antioch and livermore. 77 degrees in fairfield. and castro valley, 71 degrees for union city. ocean beach, 61. 63, downtown san francisco. and for those going to the fleet week? morning fog however afternoon sunshine expected. perhaps bring a jacket. 60s. as we take a look your kron 4 7 day around the bay that cooling will continue for the weekend. for the next work week we have the chance of rainfall in the forecast. darya? >> the mistrial for the federal cocaine. mada-- dear
9:49 am
madam the trial did not reach a debra coffin omadden tok cocaine from the forensic labs. there is a possible retrial. they did conclude that she took cocaine however, the conclusive evidence that they're all in agreement was not that. >> mcvey.. the father who is seeking his children's safety by taking them on to riyadh, will be back in court. >> this weekly unemployment --mcvey... will be back in court after that yacht fiasco. >> google has already scanned 2000 books. but the
9:50 am
federal judge topped that with the objections of all the publishers of subtle but google the authors that lawsuit, remains. fleet week. into the bay iraq right now. all of the action is >> the u.s. as makin island... the u.s. as makin island will be on display
9:51 am
>> check it out, grant lotus was in with the precision flight. he was given the opportunity. and he was not the only one. capt. sullley lullengbgrger also, he was known for safely landing that airplane on to the hudson river from 2009 on a commercial flight. sulle alsoy was a fighter pilot in the 1970's. however, let us take a look at the experience of grant lotus. >> we got to the 6.2 again he fought off that bo
9:52 am
nausea with mockeven breaking the sound barrier. >> that is great that he did not get sick. and i love how you can compete over this by not getting sec. and if you know one thing that will not make you -- sick is. enjoy these from the living room to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. >> we will be back.
9:53 am
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9:56 am
>> this wisconsin farm has a pink pumpkin this is for
9:57 am
breast cancer research! and the a cynical of the soil. check it out. that acidic .... and that heat wave is officially over. we can see temperatures that will cool down before the weekend. towards fleet week, only in the 60s. that fog on the coast but it should clear out. just high close on saturday, sunday and the blue angels live here to watch the blue angels during fleet week, tune into kron 4. hosted by george rask and mark danon. perhaps you could see them practicing today. >> and that is it. we hope they will join us tomorrow.
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